Curing Depression With Meditation Techniques

Depression has become a very common psychological condition in masses; lately a medical journal has given a review that only 30 minutes of daily meditation is sure to reduce the symptoms of depression, pain and anxiety. There are many high dose drugs for calming down your nerves but they also carry huge side effects – experts have proved that meditation is far more effective and safe remedy for depression.

Curing Depression With Meditation

Meditation and its techniques are especially effective for people who experience occasional bouts of mood swings and depression from mild to moderate intensity. Lifting the mood and soothing the nerves are the two prime objectives of such meditative techniques. Here are some useful Mediation Techniques.

1. The Calming Technique

Usually if you are having depression bouts often, you will be able to detect the phase just its about to get over you. Try and enter the meditative state of mind and if it’s the first time then wait for the state when you can handle the normal activities and keep a control on your mind. Usually people having frequent bouts of depression find it difficult to enter this state all alone for the first time as they does not have control over the emotions then.

2. Lifting Depression

While you get the depression bouts; keep the isolated zone ready for yourself and hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. Keep the earplugs on and try to focus on a soft, soothing music in the background, preferably instrumental. Start with the traditional meditation technique that requires you to sit on a comfortable pillow and keeping your legs crossed and focus on one central visual. If this position is not comfortable due to any reason, consider some light physical activities like walking just to bring you down to the calmer stage.

3. Breathing Technique

This is the most important stage in meditation that helps to get control over anxiety and depression. By now, you must have entered the calm stage and got hold on lifting up your depression. Now concentrate on the movement of the diaphragm muscle, (in the upper abdomen) and force out the exhalation process. This process will slowly relax your chest and shoulder muscles.

4. Smiling Technique

This stage was lately introduced after many studies as it actually proved to be a way to ban all kinds of evilness within souls. Smiling without any reason would surely look weird; but smile is also a form of greeting and that can be done to any person you confront. It has been seen that patients suffering from depression when practiced smiling to people and also while meditating thinking about optimistic ideas have experienced drastic mood changes.

5. Practice Concentrative Meditation

This is a very effective technique used in meditation for curing depression related syndromes. While practicing this kind of meditation, you need to focus on a single experience, like any particular mantra or sound. This technique is suggestive for beginners as they are much easier to gain hold on than mindful meditation. Practice this technique for at least 2-3 weeks and then move on to the advanced stages.

Few things should be noted while you are practising meditative techniques for depression reasons; it’s preferable you undergo a vegetarian diet with healthy and balanced nutrition, read more and more books about meditation and its theories so that you can actually understand how your mind and soul is being enhanced every day. Buy good mantra and assistive CD s for better performance, go for a guided meditation course for at least 6 months and finally if these do not show improvement consult a doctor for the natural way of treatment through herbs etc.

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