Using Candle Meditation To Combat Insomnia

Over sixty million of the Western population is affected by Insomnia; America has more citizens affected by lack of sleep than any other nation.

There are many medicinal solutions on offer both chemically based and herbal, also there are an endless amount of techniques that are recommended for people to try.

When you are trying to go to sleep there are certain processes that your brain is working on. These often exasperate the problem, and then the cycle of sleeplessness starts all over again, which is then hard to break.

Firstly clock watching, which just makes everything seem worse so change the way that your alarm faces so you can not see it from your bed.meditation

Negative thinking is another unhelpful path that can spiral, it is easy to think this way but it is not going to help in any form.

Finally the mind wants to over analyze everything, with a series of why, when and how’s, another destructive way to make you sit up instead of drifting off.

Using candle meditation means that you can change your mind to allow for improved sleep patterns. It is drug free using only essential oils known for centuries as having soothing properties and encouraging sleepiness.

Before you decide what oil to choose, examine your sleep problems to ascertain the possible causes. It might be that you have an underlying medical condition that is the root of the problem. These can range from depression, alcohol addiction and sleep apnea and should be treated by a professional.

Look at what activities you do before your bedtime and what you drink, caffeine and other stimulants will prevent sleep and it is better to mentally and physically unwind before your head actually touches the pillow.

Watching television from your bed or any other activity will change the way you look at the space. Make the bedroom a restful place by removing the TV and telephone. If part of the room is a home office use a screen to create two different areas.

After these changes you can start to use the candle meditation which now has the best possible chance of solving your sleep deprivation problem. Once it becomes part of your daily routine it will change your whole life for the better.

Find a suitable peaceful spot where you can be alone and concentrate on the candle, which should be situated several feet in front of you.

While gazing at the candle allow relax and starting with your feet focus your mind on how they feel. Using the mantra of relax and rest, continue upwards to the top of your head, you will feel the tension melt away.