Water Meditation: A way to Achieve Tranquillity

No one can deny the fact that meditation and water are wedded to each other for ever. Water surely enhances the power of meditation.  The water is used as a symbol of an eternal flow that removes all blockages in you. It unlocks the peace within you and thus heals you from within. It is one of the best ways to turn visualization into reality through the process of meditating. It rejuvenates not only your mind and body, but also your spirit in the entire process of water meditation.

water meditation

Importance of Water in Meditation

Water is symbolic and when you chant a mantra, the sound reverberates inside the body that is made of water. The sound calms down your overactive mind creating a feeling of aloofness from the world. It takes you away from all kinds of attachment and makes you feel weightless. Water, due to its healing effect when combined with meditation has several health benefits. Water is basic to life and so is inspiring as well as soothing. It has been associated with human from the beginning as a symbol of purity, serenity and more as clarity of thought. This is why water imagery is used as an integral part of meditation.

What is Water Meditation?

In simple words, it is a meditation technique which focuses on nothing but water. It is not necessary that the technique involves real or physical water. It might just involve water in a symbolic way. Visualising water is sufficient for the process of water meditation. The main motto of water meditation is to make you achieve relaxation, to inculcate feelings of tranquility and peace.

The water meditation clears your mind from all kinds of stress and calms down your mind. There are many forms of meditation that incorporate water imagery, sound of a brook, waterfalls, and ocean waves in it and assist the binaural rhythms of your body. As already mentioned, the process is completely symbolic.

Facts to Know

Few interesting facts about water meditation are listed for you:

  • The widely practiced water meditation form hardly involves any actual water. You need to visualise water while meditating.
  • You have to imagine that you are floating in the expanse of water. You can also feel as if cold water is flowing over your body and you are cleansed of all impurities in your mind, body and soul. This is sure to relax your mind and your mind becomes free of all kinds of negative thoughts which are the main purpose of any meditation.
  • You can also integrate the sound of water while meditating. You can record the sound of rain, waves, rivers and many other sounds related to water. Play the recording of these sounds and get yourself drowned in the process of meditation. It is sure to relax your body, mind and soul.
  • Like sound, water imageries can also be used for meditation. Meditating in front of a calm and serene water body helps you to focus inward. Even flow of the river or rippling water helps you to meditate on how the various moods of life affect actions.

Water meditation is indeed a great way to calm your nerves and throw away all kinds of negativity from within.