Combined Resistance Training And Aerobics Best For Obese

If you are young but obese, there are many ways to lower your weight and improve your health.

For older people who are grossly overweight the possibilities become considerably more limited.

According to research from Kingston’s Queen’s University in Canada the best exercise system for older people who are obese is a combined regime are mixes resistance training and basic aerobic exercise.

The researchers believe that this combination offers the lowest medical risk combined with the best rate of results.

Older overweight people will of course have to alter their diet into a healthier eating plan to assist in improvements especially in the way their body deals with processing sugars. This is an essential part of obese people avoiding the increased risk of contracting diabetes.

Research suggests that around two and a half hours of exercise per week combining aerobic and resistance workouts was sufficient to bring considerable health benefits to older overweight people.

The university’s study had looked into the activities of over 130 obese people who were over 65 and followed their activities. One group stuck to their regular sedentary lifestyle, another group did a total of one hours resistance exercise a week.

Another group performed aerobic exercises for two and a half hours a week and the last group split their exercise time between the two disciplines.

While all three groups improved their general health and weight compared to the group that did nothing. The group carrying out the combined exercises showed significantly better results overall.