Eat Your Chips, But Not Every Day, Says Jamie Oliver

“Naked Chef” Jamie Oliver has a way of putting things in a way that makes people listen.

He has long been a champion of healthy eating habits and attempting to get people back to cooking food with his hugely popular cookery shows.

The so called Food Crusader was recently interviewed by CNN where he made no bones railing against the unhealthy American.burger

At the end of the tirade he asked for a beer, putting in context where he came from. He understands that the average American loves their burger; he acknowledges that chips are delicious and that we enjoy them too much not to ever have them. Just not every day he says!

Having caught the attention he then went on to speak about the way that eating habits are shortening life spans and the benefits of food education about the importance of making the healthy taste good as well.

Poor eating makes for higher health costs he said. Oliver went on to talk about how entire families needed to be inspired to cook; to learn to shop and cook in ways that were good for health. He had interesting suggestions such as:

  • teaching students to cook 10 meals in school
  • food ambassadors in supermarkets to educate people
  • manufacturers making education part of the business
  • food labeling to be improved