Expert Says Exercise Ought To Be Stepped Up!

British researchers say the public may be getting the wrong message about exercise — believing that moderate exercise is sufficient.

The study, published in Preventive Medicine, finds 56 percent of men and 71 percent of women believe moderate activities — like walking [Walking for Weight Loss] — best promote health.

Study lead author Gary O’Donovan, exercise physiologist at the University of Exeter says Britain’s department of health guidelines that recommend moderate exercise since l995 should be changed to vigorous activity.

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According to expert’s view, exercises which are performed at high intensity will give more results than the normal exercises.

The latest studies have proved that people who are vigorously individually active will live for more life span and they enjoy an enhanced quality of life than the normal people or the individuals who are moderately active.

Exercises are essential because they promote strong bones and health. It makes the body feel good, while decreasing the aging progression. Exercise helps people to lose weight, perk up health, gain weight, trim down the risk of illness while supporting the mind to function appropriately.

The high intensity exercises which are suggested by experts will give good results. There are numerous effective exercises such as aerobics, walking, jogging. Etc. You can reduce the risk of obtaining several severe health problems with good step-up exercises.

Aerobic exercises is the best exercise which helps to burn more or huge number of calories with in short period of time. The people who are practicing aerobics will be more active than others.

Most of the people assume that slow walking, a bit of gardening itself as the best exercise and they don’t go beyond them.

But, the latest research has proved that the little bit of exercises or the exercises which don’t have vigorous activities will not give much result. So, experts suggest for practicing the exercises which give risk to your entire body or which makes your body burn huge calories.

Other than aerobics, walking and other exercises such as the abdominal exercises [Killer Ab Exercises] will also give best results.

According to the expert’s view you should not compromise in performing exercise to achieve good health benefits. You can reduce the risk of obtaining breast cancer by performing brisk walk daily for 30 minutes.

So, by Practicing high intensity exercises that are suggested by experts will make you to obtain best results than practicing other exercises.