Top 6 Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

If you are someone who likes to have an occasional glass of wine and enjoy your favorite wine with your friends and family then you would be happy to know that moderate amounts of wine can actually be beneficial for your health. Having a moderate volume of wine is good for the health in many ways and is actually recommended to a few people.  If you wish to know about these health benefits of drinking wine, you can go through the following given information.

health benefits of drinking wine

1. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

One of the greatest benefits of drinking wine on a moderate basis is that it lowers the risk of heart disease. Red wine tannins consist of procyanidins which is known to protect against heart diseases. Several wines consist of this ingredient and hence drinking these wines once in a while or a glass a day can actually help heart patients.

2. Promotes Longevity

Did you know that wine drinkers have lower mortality rates? Infact they have about 34% lower mortality rate than those who are into drinking other kinds of alcoholic beverages. Thus drinking wine promotes longevity and this is another major benefit of this drink. Thus if you wish to live longer, start having wine every now and then.

3. Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

Besides lowering the risk of heart diseases, drinking wine also tends to reduce the risk of cardiac arrests or heart attacks.  Those who drink wine moderately and suffer from the problem of high blood pressure are at a 30% lower chance of having a heart attack as compared to nondrinkers.

4. Reduces Risk of Colon Disease

Another wonderful health benefit of drinking wine is that it helps in cutting down the risk of colon disease.  Infact, this risk is cut down by a whopping of 45% for those who are engaged in moderate consumption of this drink.

5. Reduces Risk of Cataract

Moderate drinkers of wine are at a lesser risk of suffering from cataracts as compared to those who don’t drink at all. Those who drink wine are at a 43% less risk of developing cataract as compared to those who drink beer.

6. Slows the Rate of Brain Damage or Decline

As age increases, our brain function may decline but those who drink wine on a moderate basis may not experience this decline as much as those who do not drink it. Thus by drinking wine every now and then, you can decrease the rate at which your brain deteriorates or declines.

7. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes has become a very common ailment these days and affects a large population in the world. But by having wine on a moderate basis, you can easily decrease the risk of suffering from diabetes.  According to certain studies, those who had wine for a prolonged period of time but in moderate amounts were at a 30% less risk of this disease as compared to nondrinkers.