New Water Based Stationary Bikes to Provide Better Workouts

A presentation at the Canadian Cardiovascular congress has revealed the invention of an immersible exercise bike that can be used even by those with joint problems.

Study conducted by researchers on this bike have proved its effectiveness to be the same as any stationery bike while reducing the impact on the knees and joints of the user.

New Water Based Stationary BikesStudy on Water Bikes

The director of the study, Dr. Martin Juneau from the Montreal Heart Institute worked on the principle that people who cannot train on land can do the same in water. This is contrary to the belief that water offers friction and hence more difficult to train.

So he set up the experiment on healthy participants and extrapolated the results for those who are not healthy. Healthy participants were made to exercise on both water and land exercise bikes. They worked out until exhaustion and the various parameters were noted down by the researches.

The study revealed the following facts:

  • In-water exercise is a better form of aerobic exercise and an efficient cardiovascular program.
  • The heart rate recordings of the participants were found to be lower in water than on the land.
  • The pressure of the water on the lower parts of the body helps in faster and better return of blood to the heart. Hence the amount of blood pumped for each beat is more and so is the number of heartbeats.


Water exercise is useful for all those who suffer from joint injuries or other joint problems and hence cannot exercise on the land. Though swimming is an alternative, it is not an option for all. This will help a number of people who are inactive due to injuries to get active and meet their daily exercise goals. After all inactive people are more prone to heart diseases than their active counterparts.