Planning To Lose weight? It May Be Good For Your Finances

Trying to kick the tag of the fattest nation on earth, corporate America has decided to take charge in order to get people fitter and healthier.

Offering workers money to lose weight, employers have decided to use monetary blandishments to get their employees to lose some weight.

According to some estimates as many as one third of large firms in the United States will be offering various financial rewards to overweight employees who manage to lose weight.

The Tufts Health Plan’s Team Lean Challenge annountheparenced that the individual employees that lose the most weight can win themselves $500 and the team that weighs in as having lost the most collective weight collects a cool thousand dollars! $300 and $600 respectively are the consolation prizes for those that come in second.

Reportedly 212 people at the Tufts and Massachusetts General Hospital have collectively lost about 500 kilos or 1280 pounds between them!

And it isn’t just that rewards for weight loss are being offered, employers are also helping employees make healthier food choices by subsidizing healthier food in the office cafeterias.

The questions as the efficacy of such weight loss and how long it will last do abound, but admittedly a good start is made here!