Pros and Cons of Having a Workout Partner

While most people are motivated enough to hit the gym on their own and need focus and concentration to reach their fitness goals, others may perform better when they have a buddy or partner sweating it out with them. You must have heard a lot about having a partner for working out, jogging, running and even for Yoga.

While it is true that having a workout partner may offer many benefits, at the same time, there can also be certain disadvantages of the same. The following is a list of pros and cons of having a workout partner.

pros and cons of having a workout partner

Pros of Having a Workout Partner


The first and most important benefit of having a workout partner is that it gives you the motivation to hit the gym day after day and also to reach your fitness goals. You can push each other to reach your best, wake up every morning and also to perform better than the day before.


With a partner, you remain much safer as the risk of accidents and injuries reduces significantly. The partner can always help you lift heavier weights and may provide you the support needed. Also, if you are working in a gym that is vacated, then the partner can watch out for you and may prevent you from making mistakes.

Time Flies

Workout sessions don’t seem as long when you have a buddy training with you. You can talk, gossip and have fun together without really feeling bored. Some workout machines like treadmills and elliptical seem much more enjoyable when you have a partner training besides you.

Cons of Having a Workout Partner

May Divert Attention

If you have a partner or buddy working out with you, then you may not be able to concentrate or focus as much as you want to. The partner may divert your attention and this may not allow you to achieve the maximum from your workout session.

Not Showing Up

Often, your partner may not show up and this may not just irritate you but may also push you from going for the workout session. Having a partner means being partially dependent upon them. So if they take a lot of leaves, you too are more likely to give your gym a miss several times.

Different Levels of Ability

Having a partner in the gym can prove to be frustrating and competitive at times since no two people have the same abilities, same passion and same goals. Due to this reason, you may often workout in the wrong way in order to achieve better results in the shortest possible time. This can lead to injury and other problems.

Too much Talking may Kill Stamina

If you spend too much time talking to your partner in the gym, then this may not just kill your time but also your stamina. Less stamina will mean less input and hence less output in terms of achieving your fitness goals.

Thus having a workout partner totally depends on your choice as it has its sets of benefits as well as disadvantages.