Anti Aging Supplements Best Taken During Middle Age, Says Study

If you are planning to halt the march of time with some anti aging supplements, start while you are still middle aged; don’t wait until your 60s, a new study has suggested. The study was conducted upon rats at the University of Florida’s Institute on aging, which found that older rats did not receive as much improvement in physical ability as did middle aged rats.

antiaging supplementsAccording to study scientist Jinze Xu there may be a window during which the compounds may work. If that time widow passes, the intervention may not work as well or at all.

In this study, a supplement for treating chronic fatigue was examined.

The supplement has the active ingredients such as antioxidant coenzyme Q10, creatine and ginseng.

These ingredients are seen to protect against muscle aging, help in muscle performance and also combat free radicals which damage cell mitochondria and interfere with proper performance.

The study seems to suggest that if you want anti aging supplements to really work you have to arrest the damage or rather prevent the damage from happening rather than trying to reverse damage at a later date. And it does make a lot of sense that one ought not to wait until any major functional and other age related declines set in.