Beware of Holistic Nutrition Supplements

While pesticides and excess fluoride can be very detrimental as pointed out by the holistic nutritionists, the solution that they offer for this is supplements, which, significantly are often sold by the holistic nutritionists themselves.

holistic nutrition supplementsJames S Fell, fitness trainer writing for the LA Times, points out that a lot of people he works with seem to get taken in by claims made by people selling holistic nutrition supplements, and who make dark claims against people trusting modern medicine.

While it is true that many holistic nutritionists do offer sound dietary advice, there are very significant proportions that are mainly concerned with selling their dietary supplements.

There is a valid concern that one may, to begin with, pay for a consultation and then end up paying a lot more for pills that one may not need and which may not even be safe.

There is also the concern that holistic nutritionists often do not have clinical experience or requisite training to make the claims of efficacy that they do. Take for instance the phenomenon of colon cleansing – it is considered to be generally unnecessary and even dangerous and yet it is touted as being effective for detoxing the body.

There are also claims made, such as “With individualized diet and lifestyle recommendations, most thyroid conditions will resolve without medication,” which any clinician will tell you is a palpably inaccurate one.