Natural Energy Supplements For Women

The modern day woman is no less than a super woman. In order to fulfill the demands of her packed day, she needs loads of energy. Here is a list of natural energy supplements for women that will help bridge the energy deficit.


This well known stimulant is known to enhance our alertness and release chemicals that boost our responses. Tea, coffee and other beverages are a good source of caffeine. But it must be borne in mind the excesses are always habit forming and harmful.

Energy Supplements For Women


A common energy supplement of oriental origin, Ginseng helps the body in adapting to conditions of stress. Hence is it called as an adaptogen. It works by stimulating the nervous system and promotes resistance to fatigue. It is available as a herb that can be added to tea or as an extract in capsule form.


Vitamins are known to aid a number of energy producing processes in the body. Hence their deficiency is known to cause fatigue among women. Vitamin supplements either natural or capsules can help contain fatigue and increase energy levels. Vitamins B, C, D and E are known to be the energy giving vitamins. So include green leafy vegetables, nuts and dairy products in your diet to keep your energy levels to optimum.

Amino Acids

Proteins are made up of amino acids and many of these amino acids are catalysts for some of the metabolic processes in the body. Deficiency of a particular type of amino acid may impair that pathway and lead to fatigue. Creatine, arginine, methionine, glycine and carnatine are some of the important amino acids to fight fatigue. Amino acid supplements are available for those experiencing energy crunches due to its deficiency.


Spirulina is a primitive algal plant found in the water bodies. This is the cheapest source of proteins and vitamins. It is packed with so many energy enhancing compounds that one dose of the supplement per day will keep you loaded with energy and stamina.

Gotu Kola

An herb from America, gotu kola is well known for its stimulant properties. The tonic made from this herb is known to enhance brain activity and boosts stamina. In effect, it is a health-restoring tonic.

Grape juice

Grape juice is an instant energy booster and is very popular among athletes and sports persons. It contains simple sugars and hence is as good as injecting energy directly into blood. Hence, whenever you are in need of an instant energy supplement, think grapes.

The use of these natural or naturally derived energy supplements for women will help the superwoman in you maintain the same energy levels at all times of the day.