Health Risks Associated With Overdose Of Vitamins

If you take vitamins daily, it prevents health risks and diseases and improves your health.

Researchers say that consuming extra vitamins than required may prove harmful and risky.

If you are taking a healthy diet, then it is not necessary to consume those supplements separately.

When women are still in childbearing age, extra quantities of vitamin A supplements may cause birth defects.

There is an increased risk of women having hip fractures after menopause, if they take extra quantities of it.vitamin

Overdose causes liver abnormalities. Excess intake of it may also cause osteoporosis.

High quantity of vitamin B complex can cause diarrhea, stomach cramps and nausea.

Vitamin B1 may cause drowsiness, B2 causes bright yellowing of urine, B3 causes liver problems, niacin causes temporary flushing sensation, and B6 may cause numbness in hands and legs together with headaches.

Extra quantities of vitamin C can cause formation of kidney stones. If you are taking it in your food as well as calcium supplements, there is an increased risk of formation of kidney stones. Extra amounts of calcium affect your brain function and may cause dementia. High quantities of it can cause diarrhea and stomach problems. The body levels of copper are reduced with large amounts of vitamin C.

Overdose of vitamin D causes vomiting, constipation, weakness, nausea, weight loss and poor appetite. Taking too much causes thirst, bone pain, itching skin, sore eyes and muscle problems.

An excessive intake of it increases the calcium absorption which leads to high levels of calcium in the blood and results in increased absorption of calcium from the intestinal tract. Excessive intake of it in long term may cause hardening of arteries and high blood pressure.

If you are taking extra vitamin E, it increases the risk of heart failures. If you are using it from long period, it may not prevent heart disease and cancer but increases the risk of heart disease. If you are taking in large doses while undergoing radiation therapy, you may have increasing rate of cancer than who were given placebo.

It is difficult to get higher doses of vitamin K from normal diet. If you are taking vitamin K3 in excess, then it can cause sweating, flushing, anemia and jaundice.

Remember that vitamins are important to your body but excess consumption may prove toxic to your body and may end with severe health problems. It is important for our body to take these nutritional supplements as sometimes we may not take a healthy diet.

But you have to take limited amount as excess intake of it may become toxic to your health. If you feel uncomfortable in taking supplements, consult your doctor and explain your problem, he may recommend a healthy diet which consists of all the vitamins and no need to take extra vitamins.