How Minerals Help Your Body To Work In Proper Manner?

Often, importance is given to vitamins because they keep our bodies safe and healthy.

Minerals perform important duties as vitamins. Minerals are not produced from plants or animals but they are from the earth.

You eat the minerals which are picked up from the soil in the plants and the minerals are present in animals which eat these plants.

Here some of the minerals are discussed which are required by your body to work in proper order.


The commonly discussed mineral is iron, which helps to carry oxygen throughout the body. It provides cells with oxygen and aids in the production of energy.Minerals

Iron helps in the production of collagen, a substance that is used throughout the body. This mineral helps in functioning of immune system properly and wards off foreign entities.


Phosphorus helps your body to perform many important processes and is used in your body’s bones. It makes metabolism possible by bonding with ATP, a type of energy in the body. You can get phosphorus from meat products and dairy products.


Magnesium is necessary for maintaining balance between alkalines and acids in your body. If you get required levels of magnesium, you experience healthy functionality in nerves and muscles and bone growth will be proper.

Magnesium works with calcium to ensure that calcium absorption is optimized. If you lack of magnesium, it results in nervousness, abnormal heartbeat, and muscle twitching.


It is one of the common mineral which helps your body to keep its bone structure strong. Calcium contributes to healthy teeth and it also helps your body to metabolize iron. The other lesser known quality of calcium is it helps to maintain a normal heartbeat.


This mineral performs many functions in your body. Zinc synthesizes proteins and affects positively the health of both reproductive organs and immune system. Zinc deficiency can be found in many people.

Due to the deficiency of zinc, growth, skin health, health of nerves, functioning of immune system and body’s natural ability are affected. Zinc deficiency is found more in people who smoke cigarettes and drink excessive alcohol.

The above mentioned minerals are essential minerals that your body requires. Iodine, copper and chromium are the trace minerals that can be used to benefit the body. While trace minerals are helpful, it is important to get a healthy amount of essential minerals.

It is important to note that you should not take more than the daily recommended dose of iron daily. If you take iron in large quantities, it can become toxic and can have serious health effects.

Supplements are available which provide required dosage of minerals as well as vitamin consumption. If you are not taking diet which is rich in these minerals, you have to go for supplements.

Read the labels before purchasing the supplements. Consult the doctor and find out the required dosage of minerals you have to consume.