Is Soy Protein Right For You? Check Before You Use!

Soy protein comes from soy beans. This protein offers various health benefits.

Women can experience good health and other benefits by including soy protein in their diet.

The various benefits that you can obtain with this protein includes better heart health, weight loss, skin health and bone health.

Soy protein is the best protein for weight loss. It is a good source for low fat, unlike animal protein.

Many diet programs include this protein because it burns your fat by nourishing your muscles. This protein increases the lean mass muscle by decreasing the fat accumulation in your body. It is a good source for high fiber, low carbohydrates and low calories.Soy Protein

Most of the processed foods in US contain soy or soy protein in them. Soy protein or concentrated soy is used to emulsify food, extend meat and it is also used as a thickener. The various foods which contain this protein are ice creams, smoothies, baked goods, frozen potatoes, etc.

In March 2005 the Canadian food inspection agency issued an allergy alert for “undeclared soy protein”. This indicates that most of the processed foods are using this protein while preparing the foods but, they are not mentioning it on the ingredients.

Consumption of these types of foods will create a life threatening or serious health reactions in the person who is allergic with this protein.

Soy protein is the hidden ingredient in various foods. There are several names for this protein such as isolated soy protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, textured soy protein, soy meal, vegetable protein, textured soy flour, soy milk, soy flour and tofu.

If you can’t eat soy beans, then subsequently you may not be capable to eat like foods. The various symptoms of soy protein allergy include stomach bloating, colitis (inflammation of the colon), severe stomach pain and stomach bloating. These symptoms can last for 24 hours and more.

Various benefits with soy protein:

  • This protein has the essential amino acids necessary for your body. So, it is the best substitute for meat protein.
  • Many clinical studies showed that this protein is the best product to reduce the cholesterol percentage in the body.
  • This protein helps to reduce the risk of heart related diseases.
  • It helps to increase the nutrition value of other foods.
  • This protein is recommended to use during pregnancy [Information about Pregnancy] because expected women are likely to receive the same health benefits as other women.
  • It helps to reduce the problems with diabetes and obesity. Recent studies have proved that this protein helps to the control of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hyperinsulinemia and reduced body weight.
  • It also helps for cancer prevention. Among all cancers the prostate cancer seems to be most promising.
  • Healthy bones will be developed with this protein. It helps to build strong muscles by reducing the muscle mass present in your body.

These are the various benefits that you can obtain with soy protein. But, before using soy protein make sure that it is suitable for you or not.