Protein Shakes For Building Muscle Mass

Do protein shakes really work in building up muscle mass? It is a common query, as protein shakes gain more and more popularity among body builders because of their ability to build muscle mass.

Protein shakes work on muscle mass only when taken as a healthy supplementary drink and not as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Before extrapolating more about protein shakes, it is essential to understand what protein is and its role in building muscle mass.

Protein is a molecular component made up of amino acids that are essential for the proper production of body muscles.

Proteins help in muscle growth, improve muscle strength as well as athletic performance. If your body is deficient in protein, your body can’t produce the biochemical substances essential for cardiovascular function, muscle growth and contraction.

Moreover, the muscle healing process slows down, which in turn can lead to overstraining muscles and injury.

What are protein shakes?

A protein shake is an instant method of gaining proteins. Today, protein shakes of different varieties and flavors are available and are very easy to prepare: simply add protein shake mix to water and it is ready to drink.

Why do we need protein shakes when there are protein-rich foods?

Although protein is obtained from consuming various protein-rich foods such as milk, meat, chicken, eggs, fish, butter, cheese, etc, it is only sufficient for a person to do regular tasks and not in building muscle mass.

So, to build muscle mass, more proteins are needed in the form of protein shakes rather than increasing protein-rich food consumption. This is because increasing protein-rich foods intake can result in high levels of cholesterol, fat, and carbohydrates.

Another reason for the necessity of protein shakes is that, as strong muscle contractions during exercise can cause micro tears in muscle tissue, it is good to increase proteins to enable micro tears to heal quickly.

Increasing protein levels in the body through the intake of solid food can take more time for digestion and transfer to the muscles. Choose a protein shake to raise protein levels in the body, as it takes only a few minutes to reach the muscles after consumption.

What is the best time for protein shake consumption?

The best time to take protein shakes is before a workout, as it boosts metabolic activities in the body. After an exercise session is also good. This is because it helps to heal torn muscles and recover faster. It also reduces injuries during exercising.

How much protein shake is enough for building muscle mass?

The most accurate amount of protein requirements for building muscle mass is based on the formula: one gram protein per one pound of body weight.

For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, then you need 150 grams for better muscle growth. Remember that taking more protein than the required amount helps in accelerating the healing process.

The bottom line is that, taking protein shakes for building muscle mass is advantageous when used appropriately. But living on shakes alone can become very dangerous for the muscles as well as overall health.