Protein Supplements – The Broad Classifications

Proteins are known as the building blocks of the body and because of this protein supplements are widely used by body builders and fitness enthusiasts alike, for helping the body build muscle.

Protein supplements taken in conjunction with specific exercises help to not only build muscle, but also repair muscle tissue. The main kinds of protein supplements are:

protein supplementsWhey Protein – usually obtained from milk, this is a product that produced as a byproduct of cheese.

This sort of protein supplement is favored for use straight after a workout since it is easily digestible and broken down by the body quickly to use for muscle building and repair.

Whey proteins contain amino acids which are thought to be a complete protein. Since it is easily soluble it is often a better tasting supplement.

The drawback to this kind of protein is that it is not suitable for those who have lactose intolerance; in which case whey protein isolate may work better.

Casein is a protein supplement that may take as long as 7 hours to digest and is able to offer the body a sustained supply of amino acids over a longer duration.

Shakes, powders and other forms of this protein are available.

This is also thought to be a complete protein; however, it may not be as pleasant tasting as whey protein.

Different qualities of this supplement are available and according to some experts, ‘micellar casein’ is the best and more beneficial. Again those who are lactose intolerant have to be careful about using this protein supplement.

Egg Protein or Egg Albumin – Eggs were always known to be good food for body builders and egg proteins still offer very many benefits.

This is an inexpensive complete protein that is neither too fast acting and not too slow, and is suitable even for those who are lactose intolerant. However those who are allergic to chicken or eggs cannot have this supplement.

Soy Protein is an excellent alternative for those who are vegetarian or vegan (which lets out milk proteins even) or those who have milk or egg allergies.

The other benefit of this kind of protein supplement is that it contains no saturated fats or cholesterol, and has a low glycemic index. It is thought to be great for women in particular since this protein is thought to lower risk of breast cancer.

Though this protein contains all the essential amino acids and is therefore a complete protein, it may cause digestive problems for some people.

Rice Protein is another great option for those who are vegan and still want in on the benefits offered by protein supplements.

Manufactured by something called the raw food technique, it is obtained from the endosperm of grains; wherein the carbs are removed and the protein is obtained by the use of enzymes.

This protein is low fat and low in sugar as well. It is a hypoallergenic protein and may thus be suitable even for those with allergies. Since it contains fiber, it can be further useful in curbing the appetite.

They are useful not only as a supplement but also to use for cooking and baking. Protein supplements are sure here to stay.