Some Fats Can Make You Feel Hungry!

Control your appetite with a hormone that turns off your hunger

Foods will be categorized into different types like fatty foods, non fatty foods, protein foods, carb foods, high-carb foods, etc.

Generally, the food which contains more calories does not make you to feel hungry within short period of time, but some fats can make you feel hungrier.

For example, if you consume fatty bacon cheeseburger, which consists more number of calories, it doesn’t make you to feel hunger with in short period of time where as the other fat foods which are less in saturated fats produce lower levels of leptin.

So, your appetite increases and makes you to feel hunger with in short period of time.Fats that will make you Hungry

Which is responsible to increase your appetite?

Leptin is a hormone which turns off your hunger. Lower levels of leptin makes you to feel hunger with in less time where as the higher levels turns off your appetite and makes you to feel full for long period of time.

The food which consists of fats, unsaturated fats and saturated fats will have minimum 9 calories per each gram. These fats, unsaturated fats and saturated fats contain some essential components required for your body.

If they are consumed up to the required levels, they don’t cause any problem to your body or else the extra fat will be stored in your body and obviously your body weight will also be increased with it.

Higher leptin levels beats hunger!

The foods which increases your leptin levels up makes you to feel less hunger and they are also helpful to become slim with the required fats necessary for your body. In order to increase your leptin levels up, you have to eat the healthful saturated fat foods.

Which foods will have higher leptin levels?

The healthful saturated fats are present in the foods like seeds, nuts, fish, olives, vegetable oils and avocados. These foods are more helpful to slow down appetite by providing all the essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc which are necessary for your body.

Alcohol is also one of the major components which are responsible for higher appetite levels. With the consumption of alcohol leptin levels will become lower, so it makes you to feel hunger and your health will also be disturbed a lot with the heavy consumption of alcohol.

If you have the habit of daily consumption of alcohol, then limit the intake, otherwise several disturbances will be created in your body both physically and mentally. With these disturbances you don’t feel to pay much interest on the things which have to be performed in your daily routine.