The Humble Orange – What’s It Good For?

To me the orange personifies freshness. It is something that I associate with great taste and good health and in fact there is a lot more to the humble orange than meets the eye. It is packed with nutrients and not a very calorie dense food, which among other reasons is what, makes the orange so good for you.

For getting the most out of your orange, eat as whole, rather than squeeze it for juice. It is also tastier that way. If drinking the prepackaged variety, make sure that there is no added sugar. Some of the many reasons to eat oranges are:

Antioxidants: The antioxidants that oranges contain may help to keep at bay certain diseases and certain cancer as well.

Anti inflammatory impact: Oranges could negate the harmful effects of a high fat meal, according to researchers. Recent research has shown that there are antioxidants and flavonoids present in oranges that could reduce or even negate the ill effects of a high fat meal such as a fast food one.

It was seen that drinking orange juice with a high fat meal reduced the inflammatory impact of the meal on the body. Also the anti inflammatory properties of the orange could help to reduce pain related to arthritis.

Vitamins: This is probably something we learnt in school; that oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and that this is what is probably able to prevent coughs and colds. And it is true that vitamin c is able to improve the immunity of the body and prevent infections of certain kinds. It also contains vitamin B6 and can help to prevent kidney stones.

Carotenoids: These are antioxidants present in oranges that could help to combat signs of ageing by reducing the impact of free radicals on the body.

Potassium: Like banana, oranges are also known to contain potassium of which adequate levels are required by the body to function normally.

Reduce risk of heart disease: According to some experts, orange juice can help to improve circulation and hence may serve in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Since it can also help to lower high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, it is further good for health.

Folate: Folate or folic acid is important for pregnant women because of its positive impact on the production of new cells and cell renewal and is essential for proper functioning of the body.