Top Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Most of us are wary of putting into our body, supplements of weight loss aids that may have side effects or negative long term impacts; and rightly so.

There are many supposed supplements that are inorganic in nature; which may stay in the body rather than be excreted and may cause more harm than good.

So it is important to look for weight loss supplements that are natural and which you can be sure will not cause more harm than good:

Green Tea

Green tea has long been used by traditional societies for its health giving and disease fighting properties. Recent research has also been able to demonstrate that it is able to speed up the body’s metabolism and can therefore facilitate or at least help in weight loss. Since green tea is good for health in so many different ways there is really no harm in trying it out.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This is a fatty acid found in milk and is a popular supplement for assisting in weight loss since it is thought to help decrease body fat and increase muscle mass.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is catching on in popularity due to its appetite suppressant properties. However, this may be used with caution as certain adverse effects have been reported by some users of the tablets.


This is known to be a popular herbal appetite supplement. However, caution is to be exercised when buying this online since there are a lot of counterfeit supplements being sold under this name.


This is a phytoalexin that occurs naturally in plants when they are under attack by fungi or bacteria. This supplement is thought to mimic the calorie restriction in humans.

It is believed that Resveratrol can cause not only healthy weight loss but all help a person live longer by triggering its genetic survival mechanism. This can be found in the skin or red grapes and in red wine. It can also be found in certain berries and peanuts.


Wakame, the edible brown seaweed is an excellent source of Fucoxanthin which is an antioxidant. Preliminary trials have suggested that it may target abdominal fat; which is a problem area for so many of us.


Crabs and other crustaceans yield this weight loss supplement which is thought to help in weight loss by binding to the fat molecules in the intestines.

The supplement must be used with care however, since it can cause bloating, constipation and indigestion; and must be used with particular care when used over the long term.