Using Egg Protein As A Supplement For Weight Gain

Are you a body builder or just an average person who wants a well built body?

In order to have a well built body you need enough proteins in your diet.

Proteins will ensure the build up of muscle tissue in your body.

Egg protein is a good protein supplement that can be used by body builders in order to gain weight.

This is because egg protein has plenty of amino acids and the good part about it is that it is lactose free.

Another advantage of egg protein is that it contains a lot of amino acids that are vital for normal body functions such as hormone synthesis and the immune system. These amino acids are used in the synthesis of antibodies that protect you against diseases.

Egg protein is divided into two, there is the egg white protein and then there is the egg yolk protein. The egg white basically contains proteins, while the egg yolk has proteins and other substances such as fats and cholesterol.

The proteins in the egg white and that in the egg yolk are basically the same, but people may not favor the yolk over the egg white because of the cholesterol.

Cholesterol has been known to the cause of cardiovascular diseases.  Hence, the egg yolk may not be the best option for body building.

Egg white is certainly the best option for a weight gain supplement. You will also note that most weight gain products contain egg white. The advantage is that egg white contains a good number of the essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize on its own.

Another advantage of egg white is that it is easy to digest, so the body will easily absorb the nutrients in egg white thus ensuring your body is well nourished.

An important fact about egg protein is that it is a non addictive weight gain supplement. This means that you can be able to quit using the supplement once you achieve the body size you want.

Egg protein also comes with a wide variety of vitamins that are found in the egg white. This is very good for vitamins are also necessary for the proper function of your body tissues. So you will not only get proteins in egg protein supplements but other important nutrients that are found in the egg.

If you wish to start using egg protein as a weight gain supplement you can take role eggs from the kitchen and eat them uncooked.

If you wish you can eat the egg white only. Another option will be, to buy some egg protein supplements that are available in powder form from pharmacies and health stores.