Vitamin E And Its Effects On Overall Fitness And Health

Widely used in skin care products, vitamin E actually has a lot more to offer if it is taken as a dietary supplement.

As well as a healthy skin it will help prevent a range of different illnesses including heart disease.

This antioxidant vitamin breaks down free radicals that are bad for the body and can ultimately lead to different cancers.

Vitamin E is recognized as preventing the clotting of blood which can cause heart problems in particular arteries being blocked.

Despite the current evidence the American Heart Foundation remains reluctant to embrace it as a preventative substance until further studies are carried out.vitamin e

Being deficient in vitamin E is not in itself a problem but its increased consumption is proved to be worthwhile.

Leafy vegetables, egg yolks, whole grains, liver, nuts, fats and oils all have it naturally occurring and should be eaten more regularly as part of a healthier balanced diet.

Americans should have an allowance of nine milligrams, according to the recommendations of government bodies, but in reality that figure should be as high as one hundred milligrams to receive the true benefits that vitamin E can actually provide.

Taking it in a liquid form, as well as being easier to digest, it also acts much quicker because it is absorbed more effectively in the blood stream. It is usually a lot cheaper mainly as you need to take less of it. The only thing to look out for is that the vitamin E is natural, as opposed to chemically manufactured.

The external use of vitamin E is very beneficial too, mainly due to the healing properties that it has. This is great for stretch marks and wounds that are healing although there is no actual scientific basis for this. Taken internally will also have benefits for the skin too.

Certain claims have been made about the power of vitamin E although most of these have yet to be proved beyond doubt. Many believe that it helps to prevent strokes in women who have been through the menopause and greatly relieve younger women’s premenstrual symptoms.

In general it is thought to reduce the incidences of diseases in the breast for all females, of all ages.

Medicinally it is prescribed for patients unable to absorb sufficient amounts of fat into their system and lower fat means lower quantities of the vitamin E. For dieters on a low fat program it too is advisable as a supplement. Women especially should consider boosting their intake of Vitamin E.