What Is Jack3D And Should You Think Of Using This Supplement?

The number of weight loss supplements, body building supplements and muscle building supplements available are mind boggling. In this confusing array is one more supplement, Jack3D, which claims to help you workout for longer and harder; “to give the most focused, intense, and pumped workouts, and has no unnecessary “filler” ingredients.”

This is a pre work out nitric oxide supplement that helps you workout for more extended periods. However, there are side effects of this supplement, particularly overuse of this supplement that can be dangerous:

  • This supplement contains caffeine, so it could be addictive when taken for a considerable length of time. Cycling is recommended. Take it for 8 weeks and then take 4 weeks off.
  • Some people experience insomnia, a state of heightened nervousness, frequent urination, flushing muscle twitching etc. This can lead to awkward social situations with family and coworkers wondering at your altered behavior. It may be that the supplement makes a person able to accomplish more but they may also become nervous and highly strung.
  • People with an addictive personality or a history of substance abuse should steer clear of this supplement.

So there are dangers in using Jack3D; if you do decide to use it, exercise caution and responsibility.