Benefits of Whey Protein Post Workout

Many people think whey protein is only used by the bodybuilder and the one who want to build muscles, but it can also be used by normal people who are not reaching the daily protein requirements by other food sources. Whey protein can fill the protein gap and helps in completing the protein requirements in the body.
Benefits of Whey Protein Post Workout

What is Whey?

The liquid which is remained after the process of milk curdled and strained. This contains large amount of amino acids including branched chain amino acids, which can increase the synthesis of protein and improve the muscle recovery and performance

Types of Whey Protein

There are mainly three types of whey available in the market; here are types and protein content present in them.

  • Concentrate whey protein

Concentrated is the first level of refined whey; it has 70-80% protein and little amounts of lactose (milk sugar) and fat. This is again classified into two type’s high end whey protein and low end whey protein.

  • Isolate whey protein

Isolate is the next level of refined whey protein; it has 90% of pure whey protein and less lactose and fat.

  • Hydrostate whey protein

Hydrostate is pure form of whey protein; it has been pre-digested and it can absorb faster than any other whey. It contains more insulin.

Health Benefits of Whey

Whey Protein is commonly consumed after the heavy gym workout; it works as a great supplement resistance exercise. Whey helps in building lean tissue mass. Protein should be consumed according to their body weight; the daily requirement of protein is 1 gram per kg body weight. But, people who are gyming need to consume more than the requirement amounts in order to build muscles. Most of them neglect the protein or take very less than the requirement. Here are the health benefits of whey protein post workout.

  • Weight Management

Consuming protein will help you to maintain the healthy weight. By incorporating low calorie and higher protein diet like whey protein can enhance the quality of weight reduction by helping you in losing more fat.

  • Wellness

Including protein rich supplement in your diet like whey will helps to boost your immunity and protect your health. Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids which are required for good health.

  • Exercise Recovery

Exercising regularly and consuming whey protein post workout will help you in building lean muscle than resistance training alone. The resistance training combined with carbohydrate consumption.

  • Healthy Aging

Whey protein can also decrease age-related decline of muscle mass by engaging in resistance training. Having higher than Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein can slow the aging process.

  • Boost Immunity

Whey protein can avoid illnesses, many diseases and builds strong immunity. Including healthy, nutrient-rich foods in diet will improve our immune system. Compared to other protein sources, whey protein is little different due to its ability to strengthen our immune system.

Whey protein contains quality protein with 9 essential amino acids. Whey is also found in naturally in other food products like cream, yogurt, dairy butter, etc. Hence, incorporating whey protein in your daily diet helps to reduce the risk of many bone related, age related and health related problems.