Attain Mental Silence With Sahaja Yoga!

Yoga is one type of technique which will make you to feel fresh at any time.

Your mind and body will be under your control if you perform yoga regularly.

Yoga is the best solution for several health problems.

Sahaja yoga is the method of meditation which will help you to attain mental silence.

In sahaja yoga you will get free of unnecessary thoughts or worries that lead to many of life’s day to day stresses.

You can attain the state of silence spontaneously when you learn how to focus on the experience of the present moment, leading to the state of peace and calm.Sahaja Yoga

You have to perform this sahaja yoga through a simple process known as kundalini awakening (self realization) technique. This meditative state can be quickly established, maintained and enjoyed.

Sahaja yoga is the unique method of meditation based on an experience called self realization that can occur with in each human being.

You can attain inner transformation through this process. This inner transformation will make you to feel united, moral, balanced and integrated.

When self realization is achieved, you can feel the cool breeze on the top of your head. If there is the feeling of heat or warmth on the top of your head then it indicates that you have not achieved proper self realization.

The psychological benefits that you can attain with sahaja yoga:

  • Your stress, irritability and anxiety will be reduced by practicing this sahaja yoga.
  • You can attain focus and concentration in your studies or in your work place.
  • By practicing sahaja yoga regularly you will give up all your self-destructive and negative habits. Your lifestyle will be changed dramatically with lots of patience and peace.
  • You can improve your self confidence by doing this yoga regularly.
  • You can observe the improvement of communication skills leading to more enriched relationships in all areas.

Health benefits with sahaja yoga:

  • You can obtain improved health and strengthened immune system with sahaja yoga.
  • Your body will obtain resistance power to fight with some diseases.
  • The health benefits of sahaja yoga have been documented by psychologists and medical doctors. They confirmed it as a good process to cure some diseases.
  • Many people also are cured by themselves of ailments such as asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, epilepsy etc.
  • By practicing sahaja yoga your state of health improves and you will become more immune to illness.
  • Sahaja yoga will make you to sleep better, deeper and awake with more refreshment in morning.
  • All your sleeping disorders will get set with sahaja yoga.
  • You can obtain stress management by practicing this yoga. You will not feel much stress or pressure on your mind though you have lots of stress.
  • The awakening of the dormant spiritual energy kundalini brings more improvements and positive changes in your personality.

The practice of meditation will improve your concentration, mental focus and energy levels. These are the various benefits that you can attain with sahaja yoga.