Common Yoga Injuries To Avoid

Regardless of the health benefits, improper practicing of yoga poses can lead you to experience various injuries.

Actually, the experts of the American Academy of Orthopedics believe that the wonderful benefits of practicing yoga outweigh its probable physical risks.

When you practice them under proper guidance, you have more chance of avoiding the common injuries of yoga. Some of the most common injuries of yoga include:

  1. Neck injury: A few yoga poses like head or shoulder stands can be unsafe, because if you do them improperly, these poses can put excessive pressure on your neck. If you are new to these specific yoga poses, you should follow them strictly under experienced supervision.
  2. Lower back injuries: When practiced incorrectly, forward and backward bends result in back damage. Try to follow instructions carefully, before you start practicing.
  3. Injuries from inversion poses: Certain inversion poses like the head stand where you put your head lower than your heart, at times raises your blood pressures. If you have cardiovascular problems, diabetes and even hypertension, you should stay away from inversion poses of yoga.
  4. Knee injuries: Never try to force your knees in a vulnerable position like the lotus, if it is not possible for you. When your body lacks proper hip-joint flexibility, there is a risk of tearing or stretching one of your knee ligaments. Besides lotus, you should avoid any particular position in yoga that makes you feel uncomfortable often.