Karate Vs Yoga

Nowadays, even more than ever before, the Orient amazes the rest of the world with all of the traditional mental and physical disciplines and martial arts.

There are a handful of different disciplines that are practiced throughout the world. They are excellent for both, the body and the spirit.

Among the most popular ones are karate and yoga. Even though they find their roots in two particularly different cultures, yoga originates from India while karate from Japan, both disciplines seems to have a similar focus and goal.yoga1

Each of them is an excellent substitute for any other exercising routine that is popular in the Occident. In fact a lot of people find them better and more challenging than the rest of the popular sports and routines.

So going for karate or yoga could prove to be better than doing some running, jogging, strength or resistance training.

Generally they are very different compared to what we are all used to. They are disciplines that besides putting their focus on the body, give much greater importance to the work of the mind.

Karate works the body and the spirit, changes conduct, creates an orderly vision upon your body, helps you get fit, be strong and healthy both physically and mentally.

Yoga on the other hand focuses on balance, piece of mind and meditation. As mentioned before they have a similar focus and goal even though they use different methods to achieve them. The focus of both disciplines is on the body that has to be healthy and fit.

And the goal they are reaching to achieve is the wellbeing of the entire existence. In other words, they try to make the mind get rid of all of the unnecessary thoughts. This mostly refers to problems and it is very stress relieving, which benefits the individual in a very positive way.

But in order to achieve this wellbeing, both, karate and yoga, require a lot of focus and a lot of discipline.

Without focus and discipline the goal will never be reached. Perhaps this is why it is mostly recommended to start practicing karate or yoga at a younger age.

It is easier to get used to the required discipline and it is easier to set the focus on the goal. Nevertheless, with karate or yoga, an individual will always have a great looking body, that is into a great shape. He will be healthier and stress free.