Kim Kardashian On Her Yoga Fitness Routine

An increasing number of celebrities are catching on to Yoga and are realizing the many benefits for health, fitness and wellness that can come from Yoga.

yoga to keep in shapeIn turn they are able to inspire others to adopt Yoga as part of their lives. Among the recent celebs to swear by Yoga is Kim Kardashian, who is now showing us how she uses Yoga to keep in shape.

For her shapely, sexy and flexible self, she gives credit to yoga. She claimed that it was yoga that got her bikini body ready to show off. She demonstrated the yoga moves and stretches that she does to keep limber and in such fabulous shape.

She also revealed that watching what she eats and regular sessions at the gym help to keep her bikini ready. As with a majority of celebs, she is busy tweeting about what she does, which can also be an inspiration for so many:  ‘Great workout this morning! What about you guys? I feel so lazy if I don’t get a workout in.’ she tweets!

And as for the voluptuous curves, she is proud of those, ‘I embrace my body the way it is, as every woman should,’ says she.