Kriya Yoga To Elevate Yourself Mentally, Spiritually And Intellectually!

Yoga is one type of practice which will make your mind and body pleasant. Through yoga you can make your soul pleasant.

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit language, which means bringing mind, body and spirit together.

Kriya yoga is one type of kundalini oriented yoga and meditation technique which teaches certain esoteric and spiritual principles.

You need a ‘guru’ or ‘master’ to perform this kriya yoga. The main aim of the kriya yoga is to remove the obstacles and obstructions present in your mind and body.

Kriya yoga is mainly derived from three yoga techniques namely bhakti yoga, karma yoga and jnana yoga, in which bhakti yoga focuses on love, karma yoga focuses on the movement of your soul and jnana yoga focuses on wisdom by allowing your mind freedom.Kriya Yoga

The main aim of combining these three is to purify your mind and soul of your body.

By doing this yoga, you can easily elevate yourself mentally, morally, spiritually, physically and intellectually.

Kriya yoga is derived from two words namely ‘kriya’ and ‘yoga’ in which ‘kriya’ means action and ‘yoga’ means integration. The action with proper integration is known as ‘kriya yoga‘.

There is no age restriction for practicing kriya yoga. Even the child with 8 years can practice it easily. It is especially preferred to the people who are suffering with mental and psychological problems.

The basic physical attainments with kriya yoga are:

  • It will strengthen the functions of your heart and lungs.
  • It will increase your appetite and cures all your indigestion problems.
  • It will protect all the organs present in your abdomen such as kidney, liver, pancreas, etc.
  • It will remove your retarded health.
  • It will help a lot to women by solving all estrogen, progesterone and hormonal problems. It will also control the problems present in pituitary gland and master gland.
  • It is the best source for curing lot of physical problems present in your body.

The basic mental attainments with kriya yoga are:

  • It will make your mind calm.
  • In this yoga, deep inhalation of oxygen with other helpful chemical ingredients makes your memory strong.
  • It will give you energy and agility.
  • You can attain the concentration of your mind with this yoga.
  • The common mental problems such as tension, stress, depression (Get rid of Depression) and frustration can be reduced by practicing this yoga.

These are some of the mental and physical attainments that you can gain from kriya yoga. By practicing kriya yoga you can perceive three holy presence of god with in yourself such as divine sound, divine light and divine vibration.

Kriya yoga will awake the kundalini shakthi present in you with in short period of time. You can achieve supreme goal of divinity and cosmic consciousness with this yoga.

Hence kriya yoga is the best method for awakening your soul, by making your mind and body under your control.