Laughter Yoga & its Benefits

Laughter yoga which is also addressed as Hasyayoga, involves prolonged intended laughter. It is believed that laughter yoga can provide you physiological as well as psychological benefits. This yoga has to be done in groups staying in contact with participant’s eyes which will assist you to transform your forced laughter into spontaneous laughter.

Indian physician Madan Kataria made laughter yoga popular as a routine exercise through his book named Laugh For No Reason published in 2002. He started his first Laughter Club in 1995 consisting of 5 members in a local park of Mumbai. Rapidly this concept of laughter club extended worldwide and accelerated to 8,000 laughter clubs in 65 countries.

laughter yoga

How to do Laughter Yoga?

To start with laughter yoga you need to warm-up through stretching, clapping and body movement. These techniques are followed to develop the feelings of childlike playfulness. It also prepares your lung for laughter yoga. Combination of social strong dynamic group performance will transform your unnatural laughter into prolonged and contagious laughter. Finally this yoga ends up with “Laughter Meditation”. Through this yoga session you will fetch your natural laughter which will be beneficial for your overall health.

Multiple health benefits derived from laughter yoga can be categorized as under:

Benefits for your Health

The person who is not suffering from any illness can opt laughter yoga to stay healthy whereas the person suffering with any disorder can get relief by doing this type of yoga. This yoga session will help you to heal faster.

Laughter yoga is considered as influential cardio workout and therefore, it helps to increase blood circulation, reduces proneness to allergies, controls blood pressure, strengthens immune system, prevents asthma, and also assists you to fight with depression and lots more.

Personal Benefits

Laughter yoga has the capability to transform your mood by secreting some chemicals called endorphins from your brain within few minutes. Content mood will make you feel cheerful throughout the day which may develop your sense of humor to laugh more in your life. Smiling face will confer positive outlook towards life.

Benefits in Business Perspective

Laughter yoga will lend a hand to alleviate the stress and strain caused due to huge workload and that too through a scientifically proven technique. This yoga technique is economical in nature as well as requires less time to act and execute.

To perform optimal functioning, your brain necessitates 25% of more oxygen rather than other organs of your body. Laughter yoga is capable to increase the oxygen intake to perform optimal functions without getting tired.

As this yoga session needs to be done in group method, it enhances team work power within you which is essential in the fields of marketing or sales. It also helps you to boost self confidence and communication expertise.

Benefits in Social Life

Laughter yoga enhances emotional security which is necessary to live within a society. After accumulating basic needs of your life, you must have good friends to care about you. Laughter yoga performs this task as a powerful tool as you do this in a group; the members eventually become you friends. It will also teach you to fight back against depression effectively and naturally.

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