Power Yoga For Strength And Flexibility

The power yoga is so called because importance and focus are placed on connecting with your inner core of power, recognizing the power within, on several levels.

The physical tension can be released by physical power developing strength and health for the body.

Power yoga poses concentrate on developing physical flexibility and cultivates the desire for self-discipline.

It has the same prospective of following thorough full body workout and encourages mental stability and concentration.power yoga

Power yoga is preferred mostly by younger generations as it gives quick results.

They can also enjoy exercising with minimum amount of meditation practice with their yoga. It is mostly based on ashtanga yoga primary series.

Power yoga poses require the basic poses like bikram yoga. It gives an energetic workout and offers basic challenges that can be done by the beginners. It concentrates on proper form of executing yoga poses and perfecting them by holding the pose longer improving the flexibility and stamina.

Power yoga is done while synchronizing the breathing patterns to each movement. Warm up exercises should be done before starting power yoga session to relax and stretch your muscles of the body.

It should be done in a heated room. This is because some of the postures can be painful. If power yoga is done in a heated room, the body becomes flexible and no pain can be noticed.

There are different levels of power. Through different power yoga poses, physical power is developed which results in improvement of strength and health of the body.

During practice, your mind is cleared by unnecessary thoughts and it helps to concentrate on a single task by developing mental power.

The driving force behind physical and mental power is the spiritual power which allows complete control of one’s thoughts and actions.

Benefits of power yoga poses:

  1. It releases tension and anxiety.
  2. It tones your body.
  3. It removes body toxins through sweat.
  4. It increases your stamina, flexibility and strength.
  5. It helps in reducing stress and giving relaxation to your body.
  6. It improves your ability to focus on things.
  7. It helps in maintaining proper posture.
  8. It helps in injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  9. It works on your stomach and back muscles constantly increasing your core strength.
  10. It improves calorie burning and reduces body fat.
  11. It increases lean muscle tissue.
  12. It helps in improving concentration

You can practice power yoga poses three times a week for forty to forty five minutes. You can easily alternate with other exercises such as weight workouts and cardio workouts. You can start power yoga after consulting your doctor.

There are different levels of power yoga: beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels. You can reach to the higher level depending on how you are practicing it.

If you are a busy professional, you can practice power yoga as it gives quick results. It does not need much time to practice and keeps you fit.