Tips to Prevent Injury During Yoga

Physical activities that aim to increase your body fitness and keep you healthy will always have a certain amount of risk concerning bodily injury involved to those who practice it. Yoga is no less. Although the level of risk involved in yoga is far lesser than other aggressive sporting fitness regime, it is still an activity that challenges your body through changes that enhances the strength and fitness of your body.

Thus any physical activities that not just taxes but challenges the limit of your body’s comfort level should always be practiced with extreme awareness and caution. Here are 4 ways in which you can avoid any injuries that might threaten to harm you while practicing yoga.

prevent injury during YogaAdopt a Beginner’s Mind

Always remember that if you are starting something then you would have to work yourself higher up from the very beginning. You cannot expect to jump start anything – no, not even yoga. It might look slow and relaxing but remember that it is one of the most ancient forms of physical fitness regime. If you begin your yoga lessons with a mindset that by the end of the week you would be able to bend your body like a pro or an ascetic then you are starting on the wrong foot. Also remember to start off your classes with your own accessories suitable for you.

Learn to Listen to your Body

Always remember that in any yoga class, your body is your best guide. Learn to listen to it. Do not over exert or over tax your body beyond the point of your tolerance. If any move feels like a strain then remember you are pushing your body too hard. Do not try and copy your neighbor, remember the person next to you has different limitations and bodily strength than yours.
In any yoga class, your body, not the teacher, is the real guide to what is best for you.

Go at Your Own Pace

Start slow and take it slowly should always be the key words in my mind. If possible acquire a place as close as possible to the instructor so that you can see what your instructor is doing and also grab his or her attention when you might need it. However, if you want to take it really slowly and do it your way then grab a place at the back of the room. If you are uncomfortable with certain moves skip them altogether till you think that you are comfortable to try them. Do not push yourself to catch up with others.

Find a Qualified and Experienced Teacher

Most importantly find yourself a good, experienced, and a well-trained teacher or instructor. Remember, your trainer’s techniques must suit you. Thus make sure that you find a suitable teacher according to your requirements. Do not opt for someone that your friend might refer you to just because it did a great job for your friend. Figure it out for yourself whether or not your friend’s trainer can be as perfect for you too. Remember, choosing a trainer should not be like choosing a dress from a retail store.