Reducing Asthma Symptoms Through Yoga

During studies of Hatha Yoga some participants have realised that they do not require their regular asthma medication.

Trial studies have been conducted to find ways that asthmatics can reduce their asthma symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Amy Bidwell from the American college of sports started a controlled group of 20 participants aged between 20 and 65 attended yoga three times a week for up to 10 weeks to study the results on the benefits of Yoga.

Other studies into yoga and relieving asthma symptoms have been undertaken, but these were based on unrealistic training. Results measured the frequency and severity of the symptoms and the activities associated with breathlessness.hatha yoga

In yoga, poses are held for up to one minute and participants focus on deep breathing. Deep breathing is essential for asthmatics to overcome their symptoms.

Participants were to undertake handgrip tests for three minutes along with upright tilt for five minutes. Oxygen consumption and ventilation were measured throughout the tests with participant’s heart rate being monitored.

Participants of the trial improved around 43 percent; there was little difference in participant’s heart rate, oxygen consumption and ventilation.

Yoga is suitable for all persons unless you have a major orthopaedic problem. To protect against asthma you need to gain more function over your lungs. Yoga enhances awareness of breathing techniques and asthma sufferers will be able to recognise that their breathing is not at a level where it should be.

Yoga is highly recommended for asthma sufferers who receive proper training, as is swimming and running, or any type of athletic activity that will enhance deep breathing.