Restorative Yoga- A Unique Yoga Style

With westernization, there has been an influx of many yoga styles, all of being different from one another in expressing their poses, meditative patterns and philosophies. Restorative yoga is nothing but a practice that drives a person towards relaxation, healing processes and recuperative experiences.

This form of yoga has many dynamic poses and styles, the practice of which relies on the use of props. Unlike other yogic poses, restorative yoga is a way to open up your body with the help of passive stretching. Given below are some of the facts that one should know about restorative yoga.

restorative yoga

  • Restorative yoga is considered as an excellent activity to disconnect you from the chaotic life. It actually slows down the pace of your life and therefore welcomes a respite to your mind and body. When a person performs restorative yoga slowly and calmly, he or she is able to attain a steady life cycle.
  • Since restorative yoga is associated with slow breathing and soothing poses, it strongly triggers the nervous system from its very first pose. The meditation and the deepened thinking that is involved in this kind of yoga helps in mitigating stress and worries that a person experience in his or her day to day life.
  • Restorative yoga, also called as mindful yoga, is greatly powerful in encouraging peace and calmness of mind. With the help of slower movements associated in restorative yoga, you will be able to feel the world closely. It offers a profound experience of emotions, the sounds that arise in the environment and the physical sensations.
  • The superior effects of restorative yoga lie in the fact that it deepens the awareness and the ability to introspect things. While you perform the yoga poses and meditation techniques, you will be able to draw your attention inwards and also away from the external situations occurring in the world.
  • With restorative yoga, you can open up yourself to a completely new level of contemplation and self-exploration, thereby promoting your inner self to shine out.
  • For all those people who find detachment and acceptance a painful job, restorative yoga provides an antithesis to the “no-pain-no-gain” outlook. Since it strengthens your ability to detach or accept things/people, you develop a sense of letting go things that are not appropriate or suitable in life.
  • Since this is a world full of insecurities and doubts, restorative yoga is greatly helpful in pulling out the factors of anxiety, fear, worries and uncertainty from your body. A person performing restorative yoga practices is able to reconnect happily with the nature and feel its essential factors of purity, nourishment, invincibility, and immortality.
  • Since the golden and the ultimate goal of any yoga is to blend divinity, restorative yoga is a finest practice to attain a pure self. With the help of different yoga poses, you will awaken the spirits of grace, purity, flexibility, strength, and balance. Restorative yoga is therefore considered as the best tool for self-transformation.