The Problems With Bikram Yoga

Madonna and Jennifer Anniston may swear by Bikram Yoga as a means of burning calories quickly and effectively, by inducing profuse sweating, but some fitness experts think otherwise. According to fitness expert Marcia Heaner, it is unlikely that Bikram Yoga helps with weight loss.

bikram yogaAccording to Heaner, it isn’t likely that the body will burn a thousand calories an hour simply due to this practice of hot yoga, since this is simply the body getting dehydrated and the heart rate going up trying to cool you down.

In fact there is the charge that this sort of activity may not be safe for some people; and that it “certainly isn’t a great way to lose weight.”

According to Tamara Kuittinen of Lenox Hill Hospital, one needs to be careful in the case of such an intense work out.

Rising body temperatures and fluid loss, because of the warm environments that the intense workout of Bikram yoga is done in, is what one needs to be careful about.

Speaking about exercise bulimics, who use extreme exercise to purge themselves of calories, Kuittinen says that though Bikram yoga is a healthy form of exercise, it is capable of being misused and corrupted to be used in an unhealthy way.