Top 10 Yoga Poses For Relieving Headaches And Shoulder Pain

–The most effective yoga postures to heal yourself from headaches and migraines

If you’re a long-time sufferer from frequent shoulder pain and headaches, try yoga postures!

Much of our stress is held in our muscles, and learning how to stretch and relax these areas can greatly reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.

Learn the top 10 yoga positions for relieving headaches and shoulder pain here.

1. Cat And Cow Yoga Posture



Begin your yoga practice with some gentle cat and cow stretches that help to warm up the lower back, get you breathing and help you start to relieve tension between your shoulder blades.

Your spine will feel a nice heat as you do this several times. Ending in child’s pose will also be a great way to relieve shoulder tension.

2. Sun Salutation Yoga Posture



This is another warm-up pose that will help to warm up your spine and get you ready for some of the more active stretches and yoga poses. Do this one several times before moving onto some of the other headache-releasing poses in this routine.

3. Simple Neck Stretches With Yoga



It is crucial that you release the tension in your neck, as that is where many headaches begin. Even if you feel the pain in your back or your eyes, the neck may be the originating cause of your headache or migraine.

Be sure to be gentle with doing this pose—you never want to yank or pull to the point of pain. Slowly and gently hold the stretch, increasing it carefully as the minutes pass. Then slowly release.

4. Bridge Pose



One of the excellent yoga postures for working out stress and tightness in your shoulders and upper back. It also has tremendous benefits for you. Though if you’re new to yoga, be sure to go only as far as is safe for you—be sure there is no pain. Keep your chin tucked for this one! You may need a yoga strap to help to keep your legs from splaying out.

5. Chair Pose



This easy seated twist is a great twist you can do while at work, sitting in your office chair. It will help to keep the spine supple and alive. Start easy, and then go deeper as the muscles along your spine begin to release.

Deepening the twist will help to provide further freedom in your back which will ultimately help to relieve tension in the neck that can cause headaches. Be sure to do this twist on both sides to maintain balance.

6. Shoulder Stretch Yoga Posture



So much of our tension is held in the neck and a shoulder, so stretching these areas is highly beneficial for relieving tension.

This simple but very effective shoulder stretch isolates some of the most difficult muscles you’ll want to release. Be sure to hold it gently for several minutes to get maximum benefits.

7. Another Shoulder Stretch



Though this one shows the benefits of the shoulder stretch for pregnant women, it is highly useful for anyone suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. It’s a slow massage through rolling and stretching that can really help to relieve tension between the shoulders. Repeat several times on both sides.

8. Standing Forward Bend



Great for so many things, the standing forward bend helps to release tension throughout the entire spine and neck. Just allow yourself to hang with your arms cradled in each other, and luxuriate in the feelings of release and effortless tension-relieving stability. When you come up, you should feel a flush of pleasurable endorphins run through your system.

9. Reclining Twist Pose



Get ready for nice relaxing finishing yoga postures with a reclining twist pose. This one is essential for squeezing tension out of your spine and elongating it from the tension that’s built up throughout the day.

By twisting, you’ll help to improve the blood and nerve flow through your spine and will feel relieving to your whole back and head.

10. Legs Up The Wall Pose



This is one of the great yoga postures to end your headache. It’s incredibly relaxing and helps to get the blood moving in your body. Folding some yoga blankets, place them close to the wall.

Then sitting sideways on them, slowing raise your legs so that they are against the wall with your pelvis just slightly off of the blanket between that and the wall. Spread your arms, breathe deeply, and enjoy the relaxation.

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