Yoga and Pilates- Top 6 Similarities

Large numbers of people across the globe these days are involved in Pilates and yoga to keep themselves fit and healthy. These two forms of exercise or we can say practice have gained immense popularity among people of all age groups.

Both these forms of exercise aim at movements that lead to positive changes in the body, spirit and soul. Thus combination of yoga and Pilate can be considered to be just perfect. There are various similarities between these two forms of exercise and the list of the same is given below:

yoga and pilates similarities

Both of them uses Breath in Order to Focus

Proper breathing plays important role in both Pilates as well as Yoga. Both these forms lay emphasis on breathing for mental concentration and this leads to dual benefits. First of all you stay focused while breathing and this leads to active meditation as well and secondly breathing leads to enhanced movement execution.

Movements of Pilate and Yoga look Alike

Various movements of Pilates and poses in Yoga look quite similar.  When Mr. Pilate was developing this system, he studied Yoga along with other exercise form and thus many movements in Pilates are inspired by Yoga and look alike.

Pilates and Yoga Focus on Journey Rather than End Goal

Both Pilates and Yoga are focused on the journey of moving and not on the end goal to be achieved. The end goal of both these forms can be different for different people, like for some it can be gaining peace of mind while for other it can be achieving well toned and stronger body. Thus it can be said that both these forms of exercise is focused on “now” than being focused on long term effects or results,

Both are Mat Based Exercise

Pilates and yoga, both are mat based exercised which aims to tone the body by using the weight of the body as its natural resistance. Besides mat, there are many forms of exercise in Pilate that can be practiced using machines.

Both Leads to Improved Circulation and Oxygen in the Body

Pilates and yoga both helps to improve the overall circulation and oxygen in the body. Both these forms of exercise aim to enhance the flexibility and stretching of the body.

Both used Added Equipment’s

There are various added equipments that are used by Pilates as well as Yoga in order to improve the overall exercising experience. Yoga makes use of straps, cushions, blocks and other props to improve the comfort whereas Pilate uses various rings, bands and inflated balls to enhance the challenge and experience.

Though there are many similarities between these two forms of exercise, there are many differences as well like there is more concentration on strength and flexibility of limbs and spine in yoga while Pilate lays emphasis on abdominal strength.

Thus it can be said that both the forms complement each other and it is best to combine them to get great results. Both the forms are established as well as time proven.