7 Reasons How Yoga is Better than the Gym

The debate between yoga and gym is endless. While gym enthusiasts will argue that gym offers a much more complete workout, yoga lovers will differ. It is true that while gym is only good for the body, yoga on the other hand helps both the body and the mind.

Yoga is a practice which helps improve health and prevent diseases as well. There are infact many reasons why yoga is better than the gym and the following are the top 7 such reasons:

reasons how yoga is better than the gym

1. Yoga Benefits Body, Mind and Spirit

Yoga is better than gym because of the fact that it benefits not just the body but also the mind and the spirit. It infuses a positive energy and also is good for the spirit of a person. On the other hand, a gym workout focuses only on the body.

2. Yoga Benefits Both the Internal and External Body

Another way in which a yoga session is better than a gym workout is because it benefits both the internal and the external body. The yoga poses not only shape the body but also prove useful for the internal organs like digestive system and the cardiovascular system etc.

3. Yoga can be Done Anywhere, Anytime

While you can only perform gym workout in a space with the fitness equipment, yoga can be performed anywhere and anytime. You can do it in your home, your office, on a vacation and practically everywhere else.

4. Yoga is Much More Efficient

Another advantage of yoga over gym is that it is much more efficient and effective. While gym classes may rely on weight and equipments, yoga totally depends upon you. By using only weights and equipments, muscles tend to get isolated and may have to be worked upon individually. But in yoga, a single pose can benefit several parts of the body at the same time.

5. Yoga Eases Pains and Aches

Where on one hand, a gym workout tends to increase the pains and aches felt in the body, on the other hand, yoga tends to ease them. What yoga does is that it slowly stretches the muscles and opens up all the energy channels of the body. It increases flexibility and leads to lubrication of joints.

6. Yoga is Calming

Meditation is a major part of yoga and thus yoga can prove to have a calming effect on the mind. It helps to reduce stress and leads to relaxation. On the other hand, a gym workout may not help you become calm as it involves loud music and bright lights which may increase your stress levels.

7. Yoga Improves Concentration

Another way in which yoga is better than gym is because it helps to improve your concentration and focus. This happens because during this practice you tend to focus on your breathing, your gaze and your posture.  All outside distractions are turned out and this eventually leads to improving your ability to focus.  While on the other hand, gym workout does not necessarily cut out the distractions.