Struggling with Lack of Sleep? Yoga Cures Insomnia

Insomnia is prevalent in people of all ages. It causes fatigue, stress, and memory loss, hindering your daily performance. It is found that about half of the American adult population suffers from this disease. However, other than having good nutrition, exercising and yoga is equally helpful.

In fact, yoga is considered the best cure for both physical and mental stress. Fabletics recommend all insomnia patients to start yoga as it will regulate their body and mind disorientation and will cultivate a proper sleeping pattern.

yoga cures insomnia

Let’s have a look at few healthy exercises and tips for people suffering from insomnia.

Breathing Exercises:

Yoga breathing exercises are of great help in curing insomnia, according to BBC News as told by a sleep adviser to students just before their exams. Here’s how you can do this exercise.

  • Put your thumb on the right nostril and inhale with the left.
  • Now exhale from the right.
  • Then put your middle and ring fingers on the left nostril, closing it. Then inhale from the right.
  • Exhale with the left nostril and repeat these steps for 10 to 15 times.

This refreshes your nervous system.

Sleep Tight Following These Yoga Poses

Described below are some of the yoga poses for enhancing your sleep ability.

Forward Bend for Back, Legs and Shoulders Relaxation

It’s a standing pose which involves a slight and smooth bend forward with head brushing the knees. This helps in relaxing your back, shoulder and leg muscles.

Downward Facing Dog for Reducing Fatigue and Congestion

This inverted V-pose involves you stretching your back and leg muscles. It improves breathing problems and helps decrease fatigue.

Seated Forward Bend for Less Fatigue

If you sit bending forward, your spine, shoulder muscles and hamstrings will stretch and reduce fatigue.

Child Pose Helps in Reducing Irritability and Fatigue

Sitting in the child pose meansthat your hands are outstretched in the front while feet are lodged under the buttocks. This pose involves your hips, thighs and ankles reducing stress and fatigue on them.

Shoulder Stand Relaxes the Nervous System

This pose requires that you balance your body on your shoulders with legs up in the air. This relaxes your shoulders and neck and enhances blood circulation. It also de-stresses your nervous system.

Nutrition Related Tips

Here are some of the tips related to nutrition to get rid of insomnia.

  • Have a warm shower before bedtime.
  • Do not take tea, coffee, caffeine, sugar or tobacco before bedtime.
  • Make physical activity part of your routine. These tires up the muscles and will help you have a good sleep.
  • Drinking herbal teas is helpful for good sleep.

Fabletics, therefore promotes the concept of yoga and physical activity for a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Follow the abovementioned tips and get rid of insomnia. Only by having the peace of mind, you’ll be able to do something constructive in your life.