Yoga For Health And Wellness

Yoga includes variety of techniques which are most suitable for your individual needs.

The techniques of yoga differ for a teenager, woman, aged person, an athlete and child.

Yoga for health has many advantages and fulfills needs for almost all people.

Yoga for health helps every one to play their roles efficiently, comfortably and smoothly.

Yoga for health has many advantages over other exercises such as aerobics, gymnastics etc. You can practice yoga inside the house or outside alone or in groups. You should practice yoga on an empty stomach and can be performed at any time during the for health

Irrespective of your age, personality, rich, poor, lean or heavily built, it will give benefits.

Yoga for health prevents diseases and ailments and maintains health and fitness in your daily life.

Although yoga can be practiced by all age groups, some techniques are suitable for some age groups. Asanas which involve backward and forward bending are good for children aged from six to ten years.

For children above ten years of age, upside down position asanas and deep breathing asanas can be started. Irrespective of age, relaxation is necessary for all. Daily meditation can be practiced by people of all age groups. Old people should avoid asanas which involve over stretching.

Yoga for health benefits:

Yoga for health has advantages of flexible joints, relaxed and tension free mind, flexible muscles, and efficiently working important organs such as lungs, heart, pancreas, endocrine glands and liver.

Yoga for health has tremendous changes that result in deep effect on their mental health. The mental health benefits are reduction of tension and restoration of flexibility.

Nervousness, confusion, depression, mental fatigue and irritability are other mental health benefits. Yoga increases the capacity for attentiveness, alertness and motivation to tackle the problems.

Yoga for health creates a positive and powerful connection between physical and emotional health.

Yoga nutrition:

  • From yoga perspective, the basic principle of nutrition is to eat small quantities of high quality foods. The healthy foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.
  • People who perform yoga prefer fruits. They should be eaten raw or unprocessed and can be easily digested. Fruits provide quick source of energy with no toxins.
  • Vegetables which are preferred by yoga for health practitioners are broccoli, cabbage, and lettuce.
  • With consumption of meat, there is slow down in the progress of yoga. It contains toxins, which is waste product of muscle metabolism. Meat contains cholesterol, fat and other substances which are toxic to your body.
  • You should consume fresh food always. Avoid frozen and canned foods and include fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Alcohol affects the central nervous system, therefore yoga practitioners does not prefer alcohol. Since the goal of yoga for health is to improve health of your body, alcohol should be avoided as it spoils the health. It also interferes with sleep.
  • Yoga for health people prefers raw food than processed food. The food should be eaten raw like salads, fruits, and nuts.
  • The food should not be too cold or too hot. Very hot or very cold foods and drinks can cause harm to the tissue of the throat.
  • The food should be eaten slowly. If eaten quickly, the nutritious food also does not digest properly. Eat nutritious food and chew slowly as it will eliminate all the toxins.