Yoga For Healthy Weight Loss! Learn And Practice Yoga Exercises To Lose Your Body Weight Healthily!

Are you obese and seriously trying for a healthy weight loss?

No matter whatever the reason, successful, healthy weight loss depends on ideal goals and expectations.

In fact, healthy weight loss takes much time and efforts, as well as a serious commitment to lifelong maintenance.

Yoga For Healthy Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the best ways for a healthy weight loss. For achieving a healthy weight loss, one should practice yoga (physical exercise) truly with extreme care. Prior to working on yoga, one has to understand yoga better.Healthy Weight Loss

The term “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” which means “to unite.” In other words, yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. The main yoga structures are yoga exercise, breathing techniques, and meditation techniques.

Yoga helps reduce stress and provides great relaxation. It increases physical strength, stamina and flexibility. It also improves blood circulation, metabolic activities as well as the functioning of immune system.

Today, many are practicing yoga as a physical activity to lose weight. If you are planning to make yoga as primary form of exercise for a healthy weight loss, practice it vigorously for at least three times a week.

For safe and healthy weight loss, practice yoga daily (if possible). Begin doing each yoga exercise for roughly about thirty seconds or one minute, and increase it gradually. If necessary take a short break in between or practice sequentially (one after the other) without any gap.

Yoga Arm Raises

This yoga exercise is very effective in providing healthy weight loss. It keeps you away from negative attitude (toxins, stress, or negative thoughts). It focuses on your shoulder muscles, promotes strength and flexibility.

Instructions For Yoga Arm Raises

  • Stand erect.
  • Deeply inhale (through nose) while swinging both your arms up and palms in the forward direction.
  • Next swing your arms down by exhaling powerfully (through the mouth) and throw the air out of the system.
  • Continue the exercise at a moderately fast pace for a minimum of five minutes, swinging the arms up and down together with the breathing patterns.

Deep Squats Yoga Exercise:

This yoga exercise is excellent for healthy weight loss, strengthening and toning the muscles of thighs and buttocks. It works on the shoulder muscles and reduces the body fat.

Instructions For Deep Squats Yoga Exercise

  • Stand straight by keeping your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Extend both of your arms continuously in the same direction facing towards you, with your fingers extended and palms facing down.
  • Inhale deeply (through the nose) while you squat down.
  • Now exhale powerfully (through the mouth) while getting back into the original position.
  • Continue the exercise at a smooth pace for about five minutes.

Yoga Archer’s Pose

This is excellent for healthy weight loss, as it focuses on entire body. It is good for legs and shoulders.

Instructions For Yoga Archer’s Pose

  • Stand erect and keep your feet wide apart.
  • Next place your left foot towards your left and right foot pointing in slightly. Ensure that the heels of your feet are in a straight line and your upper body is straight and facing forward.
  • Lean slowly to the left keeping seventy percent of your body weight on to left leg. When you look down, your left knee should block your left foot.
  • Next extend your left arm to your left in such a way that you hold a bow and turn the head to the left and gaze over the left fist.
  • Using the right hand act as if you are pulling the bow strings back. Ensure that your right hand is all the way past your right chest.
  • Use long deep powerful breathing as you hold this posture and gaze over the left fist.
  • Continue the posture for about three minutes and change the direction of the posture.

So, practice well for a healthy weight loss and lead a more fulfilling life!