Yoga For Kids To Improve Strength And Focus

Yoga for kids is very much important as kids are now suffering from many disorders such as eating disorders, sleep disorders, and headaches.

The kids are also suffering from stress related to pressure, tensions from competitive education etc.

Therefore to help the kids, yoga for kids is essential as it involves whole body, soul and mind.

Yoga is the movement connected with correct breathing and meditation.

From yoga, spirit can be discovered through the body. Kids become alert and flexible with yoga for kids and attain a healthier body.

Yoga for kids is taught differently for kids because all the asanas cannot be taught to for kids

Yoga for kids exercises:

Fish pose: Sit on or between your heels. Slowly lie back so that your back and head are flat on the ground. Relax your arms by side. Breathe and feel like fish in the water. Relax for sixty seconds.

Cobra pose: Lie on your stomach. Keep your hands on the floor under the shoulders. Stretch your upper body up high with your arms straight and your stomach resting on the ground. Stretch your head as far back as you can.

Deep relaxation: Lie down on your back with your legs straight and arms at your sides. The palms of the hands are facing up and resting on the floor. Breathe slowly by closing your eyes.

Owl pose: Sit straight with cross-legged, hands on sides and palms on floor. Turn your head to look one side over shoulder. Then turn it to the other side over shoulder. Repeat several times.

Air walk: Lie down on your back. Keep your left leg straight and lift it up as you lift the right arm. Breathe in as you lift. Breathe out as your arm and leg go down. Repeat with right leg and left arm.

Flower pose: Sit with spine straight. Keep your soles of feet together and hands on ankles. Slowly bounce your knees towards the floor ten to fifteen times.

Benefits of yoga for kids:

  • Yoga for kids helps to have healthier body. Nowadays most kids are obese as they are not including physical activities in their daily lives. Yoga for kids helps to reduce the body weight and help them look good. Even if the kid is having normal weight, yoga makes them stronger and flexible.
  • Yoga for kids helps in controlling stress. Kids are under stress due to the competitive education. They are worried about the marks, exams and home works. Yoga for kids helps in relaxing them managing stress.
  • If your kid is involved in other sports activities, yoga practice is a great cross training activity and helps in reducing risks of injuries.
  • Focus and breathing practice in yoga helps the kids to focus their mind effectively. Their concentration is improved.
  • Yoga for kids increases the self esteem of the kid and they feel more confident in doing other activities [Building self esteem].
  • Yoga for kids helps in building stamina, strength, stability and balance. It improves the posture. It improves the digestive system and circulation and eliminates toxic substances. It improves the sleeping patterns and memory.

Parents can teach about the yoga and yoga postures for their kids. There are many books and CDs available which will help the kid. Parents can select the poses which the kids can do and make your kids to perform them. Find a place where the kids can practice it freely.