Yoga for Weight Loss

Most probably there are more people practicing yoga than you would ever think. For instance there is Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Madonna, Christy Turlington, and even David Duchovny. In the same time there are a lot of athletes as well who practice yoga to improve their skills.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Why Yoga?

Those who know a little something about yoga say that it can truly change a person’s life. Although it doesn’t help people burn as many calories as aerobic exercises, people truly believe that it can help get rid of the extra pounds. Trainers say that this can be achieved by putting people in touch with their own body.

The Way it Works

In order to find out how yoga works, the researchers have been working with over 15,000 healthy people. The participants had to talk about their exercise routines and their weight. The researchers gathered all this data and tried to see whether there are any other factors that could have contributed to weight loss.

The Results

According to the findings of the study, yoga can truly help people get rid of weight or to stop them from gaining more weight. The overweight people who were practicing yoga lost 5 pounds while their counterparts who didn’t practice yoga gained 14 pounds.


The truth is that at this point the specialists don’t really understand how yoga helps losing weight; at least there is no scientific explanation. The researchers say that it is all about mindfulness. This changes the relationship that people have with their body and it will also change the way people handle food and eating.

Advantages of Yoga

Yoga helps people change their perception of certain matters. In case you are seeking a change of lifestyle, you will have to change the way you think about food, get over destructive eating patterns, and create a spiritual connection to your body which will make it easier to maintain the changes.

Power Yoga

While traditional yoga is static, power yoga uses the elements of aerobic exercises so it may turn out to be more aerobic than the traditional aerobic exercises. Yoga makes people perform exercises in the presence of oxygen, which is the definition of aerobic exercises. Some of the yoga exercises will help people burn calories only by breathing in the proper manner.

Yoga is a lot more than people believe. It involves stretching and taking slow, deep breaths but in fact it is a way of life.