7 Common Yoga Mistakes you are Probably making

Yoga is a time immemorial form of physical exercise that aids in maintaining a perfect body mind balance. It is a more preferred option when it comes to workouts as compared to any other forms of workout as if done properly; Yoga is very effective and does not have any adverse effects.

yoga mistakes

It is very important that you perfect your yoga moves and this is not something very easy as you will need to be dedicated towards the practice regime to perfect your moves. There are some common mistakes that most beginners and even experts do in yoga.

Yoga is something that should never be painful and if it feels painful, then you are doing it wrong unlike other forms of exercises. Yoga is all about feeling good about yourself and listening to the signals of your body.

Below given are some of the most common yoga mistakes that should be avoided.

1. Moving too Fast

Treadmills and indoor cycling classes are all about speed as you need to keep a check on how much you can do in a given time. While this surely has its set of advantages, yoga is all about going extra slow. It is common myth that if you are not doing it fast, you are not doing good enough and you need to speed up. With yoga, it is just the opposite, the slower the better. Yoga is about building endurance and the slower you are, your workout would be more effective. Take more time through your yoga postures, to workout harder.

2. Holding your Breath

Breathing is something you do automatically but when you are doing a challenging yoga pose, it might seem anything but automatic. But it is important that you continue breathing throughout your training session as it is important that sufficient oxygen reaches your muscle fibers as they need to bend at your will and also support your body.

3. Not placing the Feet Right

This is a common mistake that people make. Leg width is really important when it comes to proper body alignment and hence, make sure that you place your legs right. If you place your legs too close to each other, you will have knee pain and if you place your legs faraway, then there are chances of hamstring injury. Ask your instructor about the right placement of your legs.

4. Comparing yourself to Others

There might be someone who is super flexible in your class who seems to be effortless when it comes to yoga moves and postures. Do not compare yourself to anyone else in the room as that can be really frustrating.

5. Drinking Water during the Practice

Most people suggest that you should drink water during your workout sessions but with yoga, it is something that you should avoid, if you go by the ancient texts.

6. Skipping Savasana

Never ever ditch the last minutes of your yoga class when you practice savasana. It is also about lying still and meditating as it complete relaxes your body.

7. Practicing yoga with a full Stomach

This can be really uncomfortable and also your muscles do not have the adequate energy levels. So, it is best to have something is very small amount before coming to the class so that it acts as a fuel.