4 Most Effective Yoga Poses for Getting Rid of Flabby Arms

Flabby arms are a problem for many people, especially women.  Every women wants slim, well- toned and good looking arms so that they can flaunt them in the dresses of their choice and do not need to hide them by wearing long-sleeved clothes.  There are many ways to get slim and well- toned arms and one of the most effective way is to indulge in some yoga exercises. Yes, there are many good yoga postures which really help in dealing with the problem of flabby arms.

yoga postures for flabby arms

The following are the 4 most effective yoga poses for flabby arms.

1. Hands to Wall Pose

One of the best yoga poses for flabby arms is the hands to wall pose.  In this, pose you will need to stand arm’s-length in front of a wall and then place your arms on the wall at the level of the shoulders.  Now you will have to rotate your wrists in such a way that the fingers are pointed towards each other.  Now you will need to bend your elbows, press into your palms and lean the body in the direction of the wall.  This stretches your arms and can help to tone them.

2. Arm Lifts

Arm lifts is another great yoga posture which helps in getting toned arms and takes off the extra flab from them. For doing this yoga poses, you will need to sit in a cross legged position and then lift your hands above your shoulders.  After this, you have to turns your palms in the upward direction, bring your elbows to the sides and move your fingers towards your neck.  The more your arms tremble in this position, the more will your arms get toned.

3. Downward Dog Pose

Downward dog pose is a great yoga exercise for strengthening the arms and reducing the fat from them. To achieve this pose, you will have to get on all your fours and then lift your hips in the direction of the ceilings while straightening the legs.  Maintain this upside-down position for about 30 seconds and feel the stretch on the arms.  This is a great pose for treating the problem of flabby arms but is effective only if it is done on a regular basis.

4. Plank pose

If you wish to reduce flabby arms, then you can follow another yoga pose which is called the plank pose.  This pose is great for toning the triceps and there are many versions of it including dolphin plank, side plank, upward plank, standing hands to hands etc.  If you are interested in the traditional plank pose, then you will need to start by getting on all your fours and then point your fingers forward.

Now the next step is to turn your toes under and placing your shoulders over your wrists.  Now lift off the knees from the floor and get your body in the straight position.  Hold this position for 30 seconds and remember the more time you give it, the better will be the results.

Photo Credit By: speakingtree.in