Effective 5 Yoga Poses for Workplace

Yoga is one of those highly esteemed mode of exercising that we all aim to do; but often fail due to lack of time and proper training. Yoga is one of the greatest stress busters and doing it while work will not only increase your agility but also reflect better productivity. If you are really willing to practise yoga; you can do it – no matter how busy your office schedule is or what kind of work you do. Just read on this article to learn about the easy steps that can be aptly worked on while you are in your workplace –

Yoga Poses for Workplace


1. Twists While Sitting

Sit firmly on your chair and keep the hips intact, the knees should also be in line. Now take a deep breath while keeping your left hand on the right knee and exhale giving pressure on the muscles of the lower abdomen twisting the upper torso or the spine. While exhaling the right hand should be on the backside of your chair.

When you inhale sit up straight and while exhaling keep you body twisted to the righter side. The lower limbs and abs should be supporting your lower back. Repeat the same steps for the opposite side.

2. Neck Stretches

Pull you neck gently towards the right shoulder and facing downwards to the floor with your right hand the left hand should try to reach the floor. This will create a tension on the muscles of the left side of the neck. The breathing process should be gentle; breathe in three times and exhale while this pose. Repeat the same on the left side.

3. Twisted Forward Bend

Bend in the forward direction, facing the floor and stretch your spine as much as possible. Inhale while keeping the left fingertips beneath the left side shoulder and then exhale by twisting on the right side with the upper torso and then extend the right arm towards the ceiling.

A stretch will be felt on the arm and chest muscles. While exhaling put pressure on the lower abs and try to stretch more through the right arms and lean backwards. Repeat again with the opposite side.

4. Shoulder and Chest Yoga

This yoga posture is for people who spend hours working in a seated position. Take a break and do this posture for regained energy. While standing, keep the feet width apart and interlace the hands behind your back – inhale deeply. Then look upwards and exhale slowly; try to lean backwards and reach the interlaced hands downwards towards the floor.

The chest and shoulder muscles will feel the tension. Keep the abs in force while you are breathing in and out. Engage you spine to stretch as much as possible and keep the lower torso unused.

5. Lowering Lunge Pose

If your office space allows this pose; it will bring relaxation to the whole body. You have to get down to the floor and sit on the knees; then bring your right leg forward and keep the knee just above the right ankle. Then stretch the left leg behind keeping the left shin on the floor.

For this you might have to curl the toes a bit or put the foot on the floor directly. Now the right hand being on the right thigh, sit keeping your upper torso tall and the lower abs should support the lower back. The tension will be on your left hip. Breathing should be done in and out slowly.  Repeat the same posture with the left leg.

Photo Credit By: blog.gaiam.com