Doctors Don’t Prescribe Enough Exercise And Fitness

It is a sad fact that when most of us visit our family doctor most of the time we expect to walk out of the office with a prescription for some wonder drug.

We expect it and doctors all too often accommodate our need for a pill to cure our ailments.

But according to many critics, including theJournal of Science Medicine and many other publications and associations, doctors should be prescribing far more exercise and fitness rather than drugs.

For many people with heart disease there is a long list of useful and helpful drugs. Unfortunately, many doctors fail to push the obvious alternative, which is mild exercise and weight loss in order to alleviate the cause of the heart problems rather than drugs to deal with the symptoms.

According to research, less than 50% of all doctors regularly described exercise and fitness, which are capable of alleviating all kinds of medical conditions either in conjunction with drugs or simply with exercise and fitness alone.

Exercise is well known to be effective in relief of neck and lower back pain, but according to recent studies, less than 30% of sufferers are sent by their doctors to various therapists who specialize in exercise and fitness treatments for these conditions.