How are Carbs Beneficial For You?

“If you want a good body then cut down on carbs.” This is a sentence we often hear whenever we go to the gym or join any other workout practices. Well while some of us ignore this advice, there are some people who religiously follow this and cut down all the possible carb they can consume from their diet.

Well, carbs can be healthy if you know the intake amount and you know when to stop. Basically there are two types of carbs. Good carbs and bad carbs. While good carbs provide the required energy to the body for a day’s work, bad or complex carbs take time to break down and settle as fat in the body. These are carbs that harm the body and these are the ones you need to cut down on.

Carbs are the perfect fuel for the body and are more beneficial than protein and fats, if taken in right amount. Some people cut down on carbs while undergoing weight training but the fact is that it is not possible for body to take energy from fats if there are no carbs present in the body.

How are Carbs Beneficial For You?

So why are carbs important?

If you are someone who works out then carbs are a must for you. Carbs provide energy to the body cells and this energy is used up in the work you do the whole day. Hence, high-intensity trainers are advised to take a controlled amount of fat in their diet.

Another reason why carbs are important is because if you are not eating enough carbs then your body will try to take energy from the protein in the cells. The protein in the body has other functions like building up your muscles and help in growth and providing strength to your bones, skin and hair. Thus, if you are not taking enough carbs then there is a chance that you might end up feeling tired at the end of your day.

People who work out are often advised to take pre and post workout carbohydrates.

Benefits of pre-workout carbohydrates

Benefits of pre workout carbs is that it gives you enough energy to make it through the rigorous work session. It is often advised to take a good but controlled amount of carb and protein, one or two hours before the work out session. It will help you to max out your sessions and provide the energy you need for that.

It is very important to count the carbs that you are eating and when you are eating. The amount of your carb intake heavily depends on the intensity of your workout session and how many hours prior the routine you are consuming it. If you have 2 or more than two hours left to hit the gym then you can take an easily breakable carb diet whereas if there’s less than an hour left then you can gulp down a carb rich shake or something.

Carbohydrates are very important to provide energy to our body because no one wants to feel tired half-way through the day. But what is important is the amount of carbs that is being consumed. One must always know the difference between good and bad carbs and what is good for their body.