Exercises for strengthening your Leg Muscles for better Calves and Legs

Calves contain soleus and gastrocnemius. It is the largest muscle that contributes to overall ankle strength. To strengthen calves you need to start doing proper exercises like walking, running, jumping and proper exercises.

Exercises for strengthening your Leg Muscles for better Calves and Legs

  • Soleus
    The soleus is involved in walking, running and plays an important role in maintaining standing posture. Calf exercises targeting the soleus should be done with the best knee.
  • Gastrocnemius
    Primarily involved in running, jumping and other fast movements of the leg. To target the gastrocs, perform calf raises with legs straight.
  1. Single leg calf raise

Using a step to create a full range of motion, perform a calf raise making sure to squeeze your calf at the top of the movement and lower past the step at the bottom, feeling the stretch in your calf.  Try to stand on your big toe at the top for more room.

  1. Wide stance calf raise

Stand slightly wider than shoulder width. Slowly lift to your toes, if you hold onto something you will be able to lift yourself higher. Pause at the before slowly lowering back down past the flat foot mark to get more range. Using a wider stance will hit different parts of your calves.

  1. Seated calf raise

Sit to make knees at a ninety-degree angle with both feet flat on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, placed on your knees. Perform a calf raise. Barefoot or sock for calf exercise is best to increase from.

  1. Stairs

Running up and downstairs will not only get your heart going; it will also tone your calves. Aim for 20-30 minutes to carve those calves.

  1. Stationary bike

Set yours peddles on your bike lower so that your calves do all the work. Stairs and the bike are great cardio exercises too.

  1. Walking

Walking is the easy and simple way to tone your muscles and makes them strong. Always maintain the same speed during the period of the walk and slowly increase the walking pace. Make sure that you are walking should be brisk walking. If you walk fast your calf muscles will become stronger.

  • Running
  • Running will help in strengthening the calf muscle. They involve the following.
  • Stairmaster or stair climber
  • Treadmill
  • Jogging
  • Uphill jogging and walking.

Simple steps to improve the calf muscles exercise

  • Warm up muscles before stretching by walking or doing other gentle movements.
  • Start slow and stretch smoothly. Never stretch to the point of pain.
  • Breathe slowly while stretching
  • Use proper posture when stretching
  • Slowly increase your stretch as you feel your muscles relax. Don’t bounce.
  • Hold each stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Keep stretching when you are working or doing some work like walking, reading, talking etc.
  • Stretch with a buddy. Use each other for resistance, but be gentle.
  • Set reminders to stretch, Use your online calendar or watch alarm.

Keep a copy of these stretching tips handy.

These 6 leg exercises help in strengthing your body.